Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudplayy cloud gaming provides instant access to your favorite games on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or smart TV). Games are pre-installed on our High-end cloud gaming PC for ultra-low latency, and there is no queue/waiting time with Cloudplayy.

You can use Cloudplayy on any device you own without worrying about specifications. We’ll assist you over phone until you access our Cloudplayy cloud gaming PC. All you need is a stable internet connection and a few minor prerequisites detailed here: How to Playy.

New games are added regularly, but with thousands of titles available, we may not have them all. Check our website for the list of available games. If your game isn’t listed, you can request it via email; details are available here: Contact Us.

With Cloudplayy cloud gaming, you can access the cloud gaming PC instantly without any queue/waiting time, unlike some other cheaper subscription based services where you may have to wait for hours due to limited capacity, especially during weekends/holidays. Cloudplayy leverages world’s largest public cloud infrastructure platform, thus has huge capacity.

Cloudplayy has games pre-installed from popular digital distribution platforms like Steam, Xbox, or Epic. It operates on a BYOG (bring your own game) concept, where you log in to your platform of choice and ensure ownership of the game in your library. These platforms offer both free and paid games, including monthly subscriptions like Xbox PC Game Pass, providing access to hundreds of high-quality games at a low rate. Cloudplayy does not directly sell games.

Cloudplayy does not store game progress. We recommend saving games on cloud, available through digital distribution platforms like Steam or directly within specific games such as GTA 5. This ensures your progress is saved and can be resumed from the same point next time you play. Check details on the game’s website for specifics.

Cloudplayy doesn’t require a subscription commitment. Our pricing is straightforward: pay per hour for each session. Additionally, inquire about any ongoing discounts when you call to play your favorite game.

We’ve optimized Cloudplayy specifically for cloud gaming, ensuring the best performance and ultra-low latency. Therefore, we recommend refraining from using Cloudplayy for other purposes.

We do not store credentials for Steam, Xbox, or Epic. Each Cloudplayy session involves a new Cloud gaming PC that is terminated when your session ends, ensuring confidentiality. Avoid accessing sensitive information like banking through the Cloudplayy PC browser. For specific queries, please contact us.

As mentioned earlier, we spin up a new Cloud gaming PC every session, requiring you to log in to Steam/Xbox/Epic. This process typically takes no more than 2-3 minutes to complete and start playing. Despite this, Cloudplayy does not charge you for the first 5 minutes of every session.

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